Melodia zilei – ziua 19

Emil Lassaria & F.Charm – 9MM


Yes sir, we got a fresh joint right here called 9MM, you know
The same Emil Lassaria and yo boy F.Charm welcomes you into our world
Now watch me… come on! ! !

You’re so divine when you wind, you’re a war setter
You almost killed me with your 9MM
The perfect strike you’re my type Ms. Inspector
So dangerous like a 9MM

You got the style that’s enough nuff
And you blow my mind cos’ you’re tough tuff
Many thing you have you’re on top top
Run the place like a boss cos’ you’re rough ruff
9MM is your body… Banger!
So, so wet like the rain in november
9MM is your body… Banger!
Now let me ride ït

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