Radio Killer – Calling you

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Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Radio Killer – Calling you

Strofa 1:
Let me hear you say „I love you”,
Let me hear you say it now,
Cause I love the way you say it,
Oh I love how it sounds.
Boy I know that you love me,
I wanna hear you saying now,
Turn the phone and you will reach me,
Let’s make some digital love.

I keep calling you,
Like the summer close to rain,
Come and take away my pain,
I keep on calling you,
Calling you.

Strofa 2:
Let me hear you say „I miss you”,
In this cold of the night,
Pick up the phone and I’ll be with you,
I make love to your mind.

And I keep, keep calling,
Keep, keep calling,
Keep, keep calling you.




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