Euclidean vs Chebyshev vs Manhattan Distance

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

I have learned new things while trying to solve programming puzzles. One of these is the calculation of distance.

There are many metrics to calculate a distance between 2 points p (x1, y1) and q (x2, y2) in xy-plane. We can count Euclidean distance, or Chebyshev distance or manhattan distance, etc. Each one is different from the others.

To simplify the idea and to illustrate these 3 metrics, I have drawn 3 images as shown below.

The first one is Euclidean distance. The distance can be defined as a straight line between 2 points. The formula to calculate this has been shown in the image.

In Chebyshev distance, all 8 adjacent cells from the given point can be reached by one unit.

 The last one is also known as L1 distance. The distance between two points is the…

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